There is no denying that rhinoplasty is one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. Also referred to as a nose job, it is typically a surgery that is sought for individuals who are self-conscious and have insecurities about the visual appearance of their nose. Often a person may want to straighten up or alter the size of their nostrils, or even remove entirely the protuberance on the bridge of their nose. Whether it is to increase or reduce the sizing of the nose, or modify the tip of their noses, there are a multitude of ways in which a Rhinoplasty procedure can improve someone’s looks.

Health Conditions that may benefit from Rhinoplasty

There are alternative reasons why someone may seek Rhinoplasty however. These may be because of underlying health conditions. For example, if one was to suffer an accident or be born with a nose, that affects the ability to breathe through their nose, a Rhinoplasty procedure can alleviate such symptoms. The ability to breathe through our noses is something we by and by take for granted in our daily lives. If we have trouble with this however, it can affect our sleeping which can in turn affect our psychological health, and has also been linked to heart problems, diabetes and even obesity.

One very specific reason to seek Rhinoplasty may be that of an issue with snoring. If you are unable to breathe effectively through your nose, health problems can present themselves in manners such as sleep apnea which is where the tissues in the throat slump when one is sleeping. These specific problems can be corrected with Rhinoplasty.

Finally, another particular problem that can be associated with those that are looking to have a Rhinoplasty performed, and that is because of sinus problems. Sinus problems occur typically when the areas behind the forehead, upper cheeks, and around the nose become congested and blocked. Upon such blockages, a routine difficulty is that of sinus infections, which are in turn incredibly painful and very uncomfortable and can be quite aggravating. Again, Rhinoplasty has proven to be a wonderful method to solve these issues.

Overall, whether it is for aesthetic reasons, or for medical reasons, a Rhinoplasty is generally considered safe and effective in alleviating the ailments or insecurities of an individual.