Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Miami

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What is a Brazilian butt lift in Miami?

Brazilian butt lift is buttock augmentation. It is based on liposuction and fat injection. The main concept is that by adding volume to the central and lateral compartment of the buttocks, an expansion of the whole anatomical area can be created, and so a firm lift. Liposuction can be performed in many areas like the lower face, neck, arms, thighs, knees, calves, the anterior abdominal wall of the flanks, as well as full back. The fat then needs to be purified from blood, water, local anesthesia, and also from oil that comes from damage to fat cells. Then, the surgeon injects the fat in the areas where we want it to stay.

How would a Brazilian butt lift help my body shape?

It is obvious aging is associated with an increase in the volume of fat over the abdominal wall and the flanks. Simultaneously, the fat in the buttock area tends to shrink or reduce in volume. So the most prominent part of our profile, when we look at ourselves from the frontal view, side, and particularly from the back view, becomes what we call the love handles. That is where a successful Brazilian butt lift to recreate a more youthful profile by reducing the abdominal circumference at 360 degrees giving a fuller, more lifted buttock. That will become the most prominent part of our profile, from the side view, in particular, the male population, or from the front and back views in the female population.

How is a Brazilian butt lift performed?

The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation. Most of the time is spent doing liposuction. It’s incredible how accurate this body sculpting can be when we select the appropriate technology such as the VASER and the power-assisted. The overall time for surgery can be anywhere between one hour and a half to four hours. During surgery, the patient is rotated continuously on the surgical bed to understand how the body is shaping by reducing the volume. That is critical to optimize the level of symmetry and to reduce the chances of irregularities that will usually show when we look at the body from precise angles. Towards the end of the surgery, the surgeon may use drains to reduce incidence or seromas. It is uncommon that the surgeon uses sutures because the incisions are so small that they usually fade in one year or two.

What are the risks of a Brazilian butt lift in Miami?

A detailed and carefoul assessment and surgical plan will reveal different types of risks, and the severity of complications will change from patient to patient. Some complications are specific for liposuctions like perforation of the abdominal cavity or the chest wall, seromas, tissue indurations, irregularities, and asymmetry. To reducing the chance of complications and also reduce the risk of horrible results, early management of swelling is critical. The fat injection is associated with a different pattern of complications like lumps, cysts, and recently, fat embolism is also being reported. Indeed, fat can be reabsorbed partially. To recognize the complications in an early stage and to treat them accordingly, it’s imperative to have a good collaboration between patient and doctor. Patients are invited to follow the prescription strictly and the follow-ups scheduled. Patients can stand up, eat, and drink straight after surgery, but it is recommended for them to stay one night in a hospital to be safe. There is an agreed no sitting policy for two weeks. During that time, patients have to sleep on their side or their tummy. If there are no complications, patients will be back to their very full activity within four to six weeks.