Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Brazilian butt lift is buttock augmentation. It is based on liposuction and fat injection. The main concept is that by adding volume to the central and lateral compartment of the buttocks, an expansion of the whole anatomical area can be created, and so a firm lift.

How would a Brazilian Butt Lift help my body shape?

It is obvious that aging is associated with an increase in the volume of fat over the abdominal wall and the flanks. Simultaneously, the fat in the buttocks area tends to shrink or reduce in volume. So the most prominent part of our profile, when we look at ourselves from the frontal view, side, and particularly from the back view, is that we produce the dreaded ove handles. But there is an answer to this dilemma, thus: The Brazilian Butt Lift
At Beyond Beauty Plastic Surgery we have top-rated physicians, who are double board-certified surgeons. Their specialty is to administer a safe and successful Brazilian Butt Lift procedure to sculpture a more youthful profile, reduce the abdominal circumference at 360 degrees, giving you a fuller, more lifted buttock. One major benefit of this procedure is that it will offer a more prominent part in your profile, from both the frontal and side view of your body.

How is a Brazilian Butt Lift performed?

The procedure is and can be performed under general anesthesia or sedation. Our physicians utilize the process of liposuction to start the procedure. The technology behind the liposuction is second to none, thus the reason we use the VASER process. If you are unfamiliar with VASER it basically stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. VASER procedures use ultrasound to break down the fat cells in the body. This method ensures that only fat cells are broken down meaning; less tissue damage, discomfort, and downtime compared to traditional liposuction where the recovery timeframe or tissue damage is greater.
During surgery, the patient is rotated continuously on the surgical bed to understand how the body is shaping by reducing the volume in those sections of the body. This process or phase in the procedure is critical so as to optimize the level of symmetry and reduce the chances of irregularities that will usually show when we look at the body from precise angles. Towards the end of the surgery, the surgeon may use drains to reduce incidence or seromas. It is uncommon that the surgeon uses sutures because the incisions are so small that they usually fade in one year or two.

What are the potential risks of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A detailed and careful assessment and surgical plan will reveal different types of risks, and the severity of complications will vary from patient to patient. Some complications specifically for liposuction are slight perforation of the abdominal cavity or the chest wall, seromas, tissue indurations, irregularities, and asymmetry. To reduce the chances of some of these complications, we recommend to our patient’s the early management of swelling through following our process and strict protocol during the recovery period. Patients who follow our strict process will experience a dynamic level of recovery and feel amazing after surgery.

Some of the protocols we administer with every patient is to ensure that both the patient and our medical staff recognize immediately rare cases of abnormal inflammation in the early stages of the post surgical process. Our medical staff takes this very seriously and ensures there is good collaboration between our patient and our surgeons 24/7. Patients are also invited to follow our strict prescription guidelines and follow-up schedules to ensure the best level of recovery.

Patients wishing to take steps toward getting active after their surgery can: stand up, eat, and drink nonalcoholic beverages. It is highly recommended that they also consider staying at least one night in a hospital to ensure their safety. Patients will have to agree to a no sitting policy for two weeks. Patients will also have to temporarily sleep on their side or their tummy to reduce complications. If after these processes are followed there are no complications, patients will be back to their full active life within four to six weeks.


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