Breast Augmentation Miami

Breast augmentation is a procedure in cosmetic surgery carried out to increase the size of the breast and also improve the shape. It is done while the patient is under the influence of an anesthetic agent. A tiny incision is done below the breast for insertion of the implant, below or over the muscle. Thereafter, the incisions are covered and the area is taped.

As for the breast implants, they come in different sizes and shapes. Your choice and shape of your body will influence the kind of implant you will get. Once the procedure is over, you will be provided a support bra for the breasts. The patient can return home after the operation but has to stop work for a while and minimize stress.

There is a great degree of success with procedures of breast augmentation. In rare cases though, there can be complications. Anyone who has implants or those thinking of getting them should know of all the risks involved. Some complications are seen with all the patients and a good example here is numbness in the nipple which can last anything from six weeks to six months. Another one is swelling following the procedure and that can also last for weeks. Pain is regularly seen but its intensity differs from patient to person. For the first few days following the procedure, the patient is often advised to take pain killers.

Other risks that are connected with breast implants include rupture or even formation of scar tissue in the place of the implant and that can lead to deformation of the breasts. Some can even bleed or have other blood clotting issues. If any of these happen, the patient must go for further medical attention. If there is no problem or complication, then there is no need to do a repeat of the surgical procedure. However, it is not all unpleasant news. After the procedure is done, with time, the breasts will become perky and sit naturally and even the scar is going to fade away. If you are thinking of
getting a breast augmentation, we have the most skilled surgeons for you. All you need is to just place a call to us and book your appointment – yes, it is that easy.