About Dr. Thomas Jeneby

Dr. Thomas Jeneby is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 20 years of experience and recognizes as a distinguished authority on plastic surgery.


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Dr. Jeneby has had an illustrious career as a plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He was recently named the Top Doctor by Cosmopolitan Magazine and is currently an expert plastic surgeon on RealSelf, a website that features consumer reviews, discussions, and stories on aesthetic procedures. He has been named a Top Doctor in several other publications throughout his career and is a specialist in makeover plastic surgery. In addition to creating dynamic results for cosmetic procedures of the face, breast, and body, Dr. Jeneby is also a national and international speaker on a wide range of topics and is highly respected in his field. He holds medical board licenses in multiple states. If you are looking for a Plastic Surgeon in Miami, choose Dr. Jeneby and our experienced medical team at Beyond Beauty Plastic Surgery for your cosmetic and plastic surgery needs.

Having been in practice since 2002, Dr Jeneby has handled thousands of cases. Dr Jeneby has also performed over 1000 breast, tummy, nose, eyes, and face revisions over the course of 19 years. In recognition of being one of the most competent cosmetic surgeons in Miami, Dr Jeneby received the honor of being appointed Diplomat for the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He re-certified early in 2011 with a written score of 91 and continuously maintains over 180 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) every three years. Dr Jeneby is committed to safety and has taken extra courses in safety during BBL (Brazillian Butt Lift ) and Tummy Tuck Procedures. He also uses only MD Anesthesiologist, ensuring that two doctors are with you at all times.

Dr. Jeneby was featured in the 1992 President’s Dean List. This was a major college achievement for him. He obtained his medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia/ Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. He was featured in the top 10% of his class and was also the AOA President (Medical Honor Society President). On finishing his medical degree in the year 1996, Dr. Jeneby has done his residency at the following:

University of Pennsylvania Combined General & Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery – Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Phila. Pa.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Degree: 2002.

Extensive training in both adult and pediatric plastic surgery

Adult : Top 10-15 hospital over six years in a row

Children’s : 2001-2007 : Number 1

American Board of Plastic Surgery –Recertification 2012 Score 91%


  • Performed several Cosmetic Surgeries on the face and body, Dr. Jeneby is a Specialist in makeover plastic surgery cases.
  • Competence in adult plastic surgery and pediatric plastic surgery.
  • Was selected as a ‘Top Plastic Surgeon’ 2007-2016 by the ‘Consumer’s Guide’ magazine.
  • Was selected as ‘One of the Top Plastic Surgeons’ 2007-2016 by the ‘S.A. Magazine’.
  • National Trainer Lipotherm and Smartlipo Laser Lipo
  • National Trainer -Dot Therapy Laser Resurfacing
  • International Speaker -Adjustable Breast Implants
  • 1st Plastic Surgeon to use Laser Lipo in San Antonio (2007)
  • 1st Plastic Surgeon to use Dot Therapy Fractional Co2 in S.A. (2008)
  • 2nd Plastic Surgeon in the U.S to get Custom Acoustic Lipo (Vibra-lipo) in the U.S.
  • National Trainer National Speaker on Wound Care and National Lecturer on the V.A.C. wound care device, Health point and Johnson & Johnson.